Dead Ever After

Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris I've finished and I have to say that I've never been more disappointed in a book in my life. This book was meant to be the conclusion to a series which has kept me engrossed for four years; that I've re read countless times and dissected amongst my friends bit by bit. Sadly I wish I hadn't wasted my time or that Charlaine Harris had concluded this once adored series at ten books. The least recognisable person in the is whole train wreak is Sookie Stackhouse. Where is the growth? She has come full circle. Everyone who was ever in a book pretty much makes an appearance. Bored!!!

The plot was weak. The story limped along and I struggled to finish it. Why did I finish you might ask? I had to see who it would all play out. Morbid curiosity perhaps. Well I'm paying for it now.

Regarding the HEA. Personally I don't think I really cared if Sookie had ended up with Eric or not it the eventually HEA had made sense. But it whacked me on the side of the head with a ten pound hammer. Obviously I haven't been reading the correct story in the previous 12 books.

I'm shaking my head. I was sucked in by the hype and lead a merry dance.