Friday Night Bites

Friday Night Bites - Chloe Neill So this second outing I found to be okay but not great and not worth gushing over. This series so far kind of feels to me like chick lit vampires. It also appears that Merit is irresistably attractive to Ethan, Morgan and Jeff and no doubt others yet to appear. This ploy has already been used very successfully and more enjoyably in other series I have read such as the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries of which I still don't ultimately know who or if the lead will end up with anyone. The whole will they won't they is common in many books, but it's so obvious Merit is being angled to end up with Ethan that I was a bit over it. Just sleep with him already.

I think it is partly me, in that I need a gritty, vampire story and not a picture perfect one.The whole Merit needing to eat all the time just started to grate on me as well. It was kind of like "Wow, I'm a vampire and I can eat anything I want, including blood." I get it, I don't need it mentioned all the time thank you. I like vampires to just drink blood and not to have real food. So this is the one of the main pieces of Chloe Neill's two books I've read that I've really struggled with. To me vampires live on blood.

I really wanted to like this series as many of friends have raved about it, but unfortunately it just isn't my cup of tea. I'm going to pass on reading the rest of the series.