Promises - Marie Sexton I loved this book. I was a bit apprehensive as I had only read a couple of contemporary m/m and was worried that I wouldn't like this book, however I feel in love with Jared within the first couple of pages. I really liked the first person point of view and it gave me an insight into how Jared's mind worked. Matt was wonderful and Marie was able to show how he was the perfect soul mate for Jared. I thought it really believable that he had trouble dealing with his feelings for Jared and that this was an important aspect of the book. I meant one minute your straight and then you are having feelings or in the book "urges" for another man. It has to mess with your brain.

The only lame aspect I found was the whole Cherie / Dan storyline. I understood why Cherie was in there, but I felt that there could have been more substance there, however very minor issue for me. Well worth reading.