Special Forces: Soldiers Part II -Director's Cut

Special Forces: Soldiers Part II -Director's Cut - Aleksandr Voinov, Marquesate, Vashtan I was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. Over 600pages so it lead to a couple of late nights for me. Considering that early on there is a rape to contend with it kind of sets the tone for the beginning of the story. From that point I couldn't see how it would progressed, but boy was I in for the ride. The rugged beauty of Afganistan was a brillant backdrop for this story. Yes there was plenty of sex, but it was how Vadim and Dan moved to a place where they were acutally in love with each other that touch me and that the long separations heightened their time together. I am looking forward to reading the next instalment.

The story and timeframe were epic. More late nights to come to finish the whole series.

Just reread this story for the second time and it is still as powerful as the first time I read it. I got a lump in my throat again a few times and it still leaves me breathless the scope of this story. I have revised by rating to 5 which I don't give out too often, because this story is really that powerful.