The Undead Pool

The Undead Pool - Kim Harrison So the book is probably a 3.5 and while I liked parts of it there were parts I felt didn't quite gel with me. I loved every scene Newt was in and she pretty much stole the show whenever she was on page. There wasn't enough Al, for me and being the Al lover I am, I had hoped he would have a greater role given events in the previous outing Ever After. But there wasn't a lot of the demons in here and there wasn't a lot of demon magic at all.

This book was more centred around the elves and their wild magic, which was just okay for me. I didn't enjoy the Goddess and mystics storylines as I have with other stories which featured the Weres or Ku'Sox. I've also been ready for the vampire story arc to be over for some time as well.

Trent and Rachel shippers will be happy as at least that angle seems to have been resolved. We have seen Rachel grow over the series, so I think in my head I was ready for some real demon badass action and not the wild magic direction this story took. Rachel has learnt to use her friends to help her and not just work solo with only Jenks as back up, but this story took this to the other extreme, with every man and his dog helping her.

So, what did I enjoy besides Newt? I loved Bis and his mean as computer skills, I loved Jenks one liners. I also enjoyed seeing Edden back again.

Where was Belle? Barely mentioned and the characters did spend some time in the church? I'm still on board with the series, as I know the demons have to be front and centre in the final book. Not too fussed on the elves though. Even if the elves and demons appear to be forever linked.