Untitled Downside Ghosts

Untitled Downside Ghosts - Stacia Kane Another brilliant book in the series. I'm still enthralled with the world created by Stacia Kane.
This book delivers plenty of suspense and drama, it is never a dull moment in the life of Chess. The mystery is once again gripping in that I had no idea until it was revealed who exactly was involved.

Terrible continues to be one of my favourite new book boyfriends. I continue to be captivated whenever he is on the page. From his speech to the smouldering sense of violence around him. They live in a dog eat dog part of time and people do what they have to to survive. That might be drugs and that might be violence.

This books highlights a great understand of why Chess is a drug addict as well. Her level of self esteem is so low that the only way she function is with the drugs. The drugs allow her to numb the outside world and act as a protective layer around her from all the horrors that have happened to her in her life. It felt at the end of this book that this shield Chess has wrapped so tightly around herself is being loosen, as she allows people in to be her friends / lover.

Looking forward to the next book.