Special Forces - Mercenaries Part I - Director's Cut

Special Forces - Mercenaries Part I - Director's Cut - Aleksandr Voinov, Marquesate, Vashtan I have to say I liked Soldiers quite a lot more than this part of the series. I think part of it was to do with the fact I didn't like Dan sleeping with others. I know it sounds a bit prudish, but it just didn't gel with me compared to how he was in Soldiers, so I felt Dan's characterisation was a bit off. Vadim of course he has changed over the course of the book as well. I don't quite know if I was ready for a softer side to him, even given what he went through in the first part to the book. It also didn't quite fit with me that Vadim would be happy to sleep with others and to be happy that Dan did. They both came across to me as jealous, possessive types once their relationship was in full swing in Soldiers. Still enjoyed though and will be reading the last book.